Body Mist 50ml gift pack – 20% OFF

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All in one

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All 8 body mist 50ml size best travelling, and gifts

Cherry Pop

Enchanted Spell

Sweet Crush

Jasmine Blush

White Charm

Pink Rose

Magnificent Musk

Cashmere Oud

All in a box

8 reviews for Body Mist 50ml gift pack – 20% OFF

  1. Hina

    (I haven’t used this product. I have rated it 4 stars because the website won’t let me post this comment without giving a rating.)
    I am very interested in buying this pack in order to test what each mist smells like. The only thing stopping me from purchasing it is the very high price. I did some calculations to prove that the price is too high.

    (Cashmere Oud) Rs1200/200ml = Rs300/50ml
    (Magnificent Musk, Pink Rose) Rs800/200ml x 2= Rs200/50ml x 2 = Rs400
    (Cherry Pop, Enchanted Spell, Jasmine Blush, Sweet Crush, White Charm) Rs500/200ml x 5 = Rs125/50ml x 5 = Rs625
    Total = Rs300 + Rs400 + Rs625 = Rs1325 for all 8 mists

    Please decrease the price of this pack. If you do that, more people would be able to test the fragrances and buy the full size products!


  2. Myra

    Best travel pack

  3. Honey

    I want to try it for the first time hope so it will be good.

    • bnbadmin

      yes sure IA

  4. Sanya (verified owner)

    The scents all smell great and last for a reasonably long while. The size also makes it very convenient to carry in a bag, will definitely repurchase when I finish these!

  5. Ruqaiya khan

    Haven’t used yet.

  6. Miss sohaib

    After using I will defenetly give cmmnts

  7. Maham

    It’s awesome 👏🏻 I had tried all the body mist

  8. Aqsa (verified owner)

    All mist are amazing 🤩😍 mujh sari fragrance achi lagi next time inshallah i will order these mist again ♥️♥️♥️

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